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DevOps Engineer

Work type: Full-time
We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our backend team with experience building and scaling services in a bare-metal and Cloud environment. You’ll be working with Kubernetes, High-Loaded solutions and Big Data frameworks and like Apache Spark, Hadoop and NoSQL databases (ClickHouse, MongoDB, Apache Presto). You will help us in building scalable, efficient distributed infrastructure. You’ll implement monitoring for automated system health checks. Lastly, you’ll build and maintain our CI pipelines on Jenkins, and train and guide the team in DevOps practices. You will work closely with the DevOps Lead and Head of Development to identify and establish DevOps practices in the company.

Essential position responsibilities:

  • Improve CI/CD tooling;
  • Implement and improve monitoring and alerting;
  • Assist and consult the development team to deal with hardware/performance issues;
  • Work on security hardening and incident monitoring;
  • Act independently on the majority of functional and process tasks with minimal supervision or assistancе;
  • Maintain and improve our challenging technology stack without legacy systems;
  • Build and maintain highly available production systems.

Required skills:

  • Experience in industry for position DevOps or System Administrator;
  • Basic knowledge in Kubernetes engineering and frameworks;
  • Experience with GIT, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Teamcity or Other CI;
  • Solid linux server Administration experience;
  • Mail servers management (mailcow, postfix, dovecot);
  • Intermediate English level;
  • Must have a desire to learn quickly and grow fast.

Would be a big plus:

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If it sounds like a good fit for you, we’ll be happy to have you joining our team!
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