Our most advanced AI powered anti-fraud solution designed for SSPs,
Ad Exchanges, DSPs to reach profit goals and remain a reliable partner
Bid Requests Ad Impressions Valid Impressions Invalid Impressions (IVT) Pre-Bid (beta access) SSPs
Ad Exchanges
Post-Bid (live)
Analyzes millions of data points to detect even the slightest
anomalies that signal fraud across all major ad channels
Connected TV (CTV)
Mobile Web and in-App
Desktop Web
Our clients have already highly appreciated the benefits of our new product.
The first results of only one client are impressive
Video Rocket Botnet
$7 million USD
Estimated yearly loss
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DeepView enables you to:
Identify patterns that signal fraud
Yield invalid traffic (IVT)
fair results
Define the sources of premium
Be the trusted traffic provider
Plan and scale your revenue potential
Gain powerful insights from our data
scientists and analytics teams
We are happy to offer our state-of-the-art AI technology and research
capabilities for your confidence
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