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Pre-Bid Ad Fraud

Scalarr AutoBlock™ enables you to
stop fraud before bidding on impression,
meaning that your ad will not even show
up on fraud sources.

While reducing risks and maximizing
ROI, this also allows you to confidently
optimize your campaigns for even
greater results.


No Reject Negotiations With no fraudulent installs, you won’t need to claim back your budget.

Works for Trusted Sources Avoid bots targeting your campaigns on Facebook, Performance DSP, or SDK Networks.

True Metrics and KPIs Your CTR, CPC, and CPI are not contaminated with fake views, clicks and installs.


Risk-based Approach When sources represent a strong and direct fraud risk, some placements may be innocent victims of device farm attacks. We let customers decide the risk level they find acceptable.

Network Effects For maximum coverage, Scalarr uses its own data sources, store intelligence, ad malware analytics, and a partner data sharing network.

Continuous Updates As soon as Scalarr finds new suspicious placements, customers get an update on a bi-weekly basis.

Our area of expertise
Scalarr was founded in 2016 by the experts in mobile marketing and data science. The company serves hi-tech mobile-first companies by protecting them against app install ad fraud and preventing losses.
detected fraud conversions
since Jan 2019 by using Scalarr
analytical toolset
potential economic
harm averted
Validate your sources with Scalarr AutoBlock
Find out how many paid impressions in your traffic came from fraudulent or risky ad inventory