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Get the latest insights into the mobile ad fraud landscape and app ecosystem with Scalarr’s fraud analytics reports.

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Research: Risk of fraud in so-called "trusted" traffic sources

With data that spans January 2019 to August 2020, this report includes a detailed list of the app_ids with confirmed fraud and the potential harm this poses for the advertising indus...

Read our Latest Report: The Outcomes & Biggest Mobile Ad Fraud Schemes of 2019

This report includes the 2019 insights as well as some of the most prominent cases that showed the biggest fraud schemes in the industry

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It's hard to overestimate the importance of timely insights. Keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in fraud detection with Scalarr's analytical reports.

10-Step Checklist for Successful Ad Fraud Protection in 2020

From the analysis of in-app events to anomalies in the event funnel, this 10-step checklist is packed with insights that will help mobile marketers reduce fraud significantly
The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud Types 2.0

The Rise of Mobile App Install Ad Fraud. 2018 Outcomes

This report provides the mobile market data and app install fraud trends we observed in 2018

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