From known fraud types like smart bots and click spam, to a newly discovered fraud type called Complex VTA Spoofing, this case is packed with lots of interesting info.

Check out Scalarr’s Case Study for the client TextNow, which goes into detail of the timely analysis of TextNow’s daily traffic and how Scalarr's anti-fraud efforts led to several important accomplishments.

The highlights include:

  • After the discovery of fraud in TextNow’s traffic, Scalarr was able to successfully negotiate the rejection of fraudulent installs, leading to a whopping amount of savings: $790k!
  • But that’s not all: TextNow’s traffic analysis led to Scalarr’s discovery of an unidentified type of fraud that was going unnoticed by other anti-fraud solutions: Complex VTA Spoofing.
  • Under Scalarr’s ongoing detection and protection measures, TextNow was able to grow the quality of its traffic along with its ROI.

Check out Scalarr’s Case Study for the client TextNow