NewDigitalAge featured our very own Yuriy Yashunin, Scalarr’s CPO and co-founder of Scalarr.

Across the world, cybercriminals are gaining traction – often two steps ahead of the companies they’re trying to defraud and making money off the back of marketers' misfortunes. In 2020, research suggested that at least £23 million of that UK ad spend was potentially intercepted by fraudsters, showing this emerging criminal market.

That’s why companies – especially advertising and marketing firms – must stay one step ahead of these fraudsters, whose techniques are becoming more sophisticated by the day, in order to protect themselves. In the world of advertising fraud, the tactics used are becoming harder to find, trace and tackle – so businesses combatting them need to develop too, just like a Tom and Jerry game. Running rules-based methods in a 2D or 3D format is no longer good enough. Instead, technologies such as machine learning and deep learning need to be deployed to spot the spoofers.

In the NewDigitalAge interview, Yuriy talks about the key highlights of how fraud is growing more sophisticated, and how that leads to both fraudsters and anti-fraud companies to constantly try to one-up each other.

From the different fraud types out there, new tactics, and the use of machine learning, this post is filled with insights.

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