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For years now, many have overlooked or downplayed the severity of harm that mobile ad fraud has caused to an entire industry. Even though losses are in the billions, there's always a more important priority on deck for advertisers, User Acquisition managers, publishers, and so on.

Joining Adam and Piyush for their podcast "Level Up UA" Inna Ushakova, our CEO and co-founder, and Richard Palmer, Principal Software Engineer at King, talk about all things mobile ad fraud-related to paint a crystal clear picture of the explosive growth in recent years, the increasingly sophisticated schemes, and the future of technology to combat fraud. All in under 55 minutes!

Industry pros have many questions when it comes to fraud and the most pressing questions were the ones answered by these key industry leaders who showcase their advocacy for accurate fraud detection and protection across every layer of the advertising funnel.

Here's a full breakdown of the questions that were covered during the podcast in reference to ad fraud evolution in the last 10 years:

  1. What is the ad fraud level and its impact on business;
  2. How is ad fraud in different regions and how it compares overall;
  3. Whose responsibility is it to clarify and classify fraud while acquiring users - ad networks, the business owners, SDKs, DSPs, or anti-fraud companies?
  4. What are the ways to detect fraud?
  5. What resource are needed for fraud detection
  6. What are the KPIs that matter the most to UA Managers? How do traffic volume and efficiency fare?
  7. What is the situation in the market? How much are fraudsters ahead of advertisers?
  8. What is the solution for market leaders and smaller players?
  9. What's the dealing with recent privacy updates and their impact on industry players?
  10. How is fraud evolving? What are the most advanced cases of fraud?

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