We are proud to announce the launch of BlockList™, our pre-bid ad fraud prevention service.

BlockList™ came to life with the purpose of preventing our clients from having ads appear on apps that have been involved in different types of fraud.

The mechanics are pretty straightforward: it’s a ready-made blocklist, sent as a ready-to-import file, that includes all the fraudulent sources. Essentially, clients import the BlockList™ placements into their existing campaigns as exclusions, and they are good to go.

The key benefits of BlockList™ are:

  • No Reject Negotiations: With zero fraudulent installs, the need to dispute ad budget from ad networks is removed from the equation - no more headaches!
  • Works for Trusted Sources: You can effectively avoid bots and device farms that target Facebook campaigns, SDK networks, and Performance DSPs.
  • Pure Metrics and KPIs: Indicators like CTR, CPC, and CPI are completely untainted by fake views, clicks, and installs. With more pure, clean data, you can confidently scale and optimize campaigns.

BlockList™ has unique features that set it apart from other services. For one, since we know that not everything is cut and dry, BlockList™ comes with a risk-based approach where we encourage our clients to decide the risk levels that are acceptable for them.

Other unique features of BlockList™ are:

  • Unprofitable for Fraudsters: With BlockList™, once app_ids are blocked, fraudsters may need to completely build new apps from scratch and publish them. If we detect fraud there, the app_id will be marked as fraudulent and fraudsters will need to do everything all over again.
  • Network Effect: Fraud sources detected for one client are automatically blacklisted for all clients.
  • Smart Blocking: It helps reduce costs as it works in Fraud Prevention mode, saving advertisers from buying impressions from untrusted sources.
  • Broad Knowledgebase: To ensure maximum coverage, BlockList™ is embedded with a broad knowledge database that is generated by Scalarr’s own data sources, store intelligence, ad malware analytics, and a partner data-sharing network.
  • Continuous Updates: Our clients can rest easy knowing that we will continuously update BlockList™ as new fraud sources emerge.

BlockList™ is a unique feature in the mobile ad industry that will soon become a must-have for app developers who want cleaner traffic and data analytics.

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