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While not always entirely performed with the intent of manipulating or defrauding, invalid traffic (IVT) can be the culprit behind the disruption of marketing budgets.

With unique client data, we've been able to pinpoint three main types of invalid traffic so far. These are Masked Traffic, GEO Mismatch, and Ad Manipulation.

In our tell-all report, we talk about the ins and outs of invalid traffic, including:

  • the characteristics of each IVT type;
  • how much harm they provoke or can potentially inflict if left unchecked;
  • invalid traffic performance and ROI;
  • what to do with invalid traffic.

Invalid Traffic Types

We also place a special emphasis on the role that the new features introduced in iOS 14.5 affect the proliferation of invalid traffic, even in generally trusted traffic sources.

Download the report today and learn all there is to know about invalid traffic.