The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud Types 2.0
This updated report includes all app install fraud types to help marketers make data-driven decisions and assess the quality of acquired installs

So far, 2019 is a year that has signified a number of milestones, findings, and new discoveries for Scalarr. With our eyes set on the future, we are driven by the commitment of bringing more transparency to the advertising industry through the use of multilayered machine learning algorithms to fight fraud; it goes without saying that machine learning has proven to be the most trustworthy ally when it comes to processing large data sets with accuracy and reliability.

Because of this, and after a year-long collection and analysis of data by Scalarr’s in-house team of data scientists and analytics experts, we are proud to present the updated version of the “Ultimate Guide to Mobile Ad Fraud 2.0” report, which is packed to the brim with a comprehensive list of all existing fraud types including classic, modified and new fraud types, and how fraud is gravely affecting the advertising industry.

Some of the findings are:

  1. According to Scalarr’s projections, marketers can expect up to $12.6 billion in losses in 2019 - a staggering number that only comes to prove that fraud is a full-blown issue that’s to be reckoned with.
  2. Fraudsters are implementing increasingly sophisticated techniques as new fraud types arise in 2019.
  3. Click spam, bots and smart bots position themselves as the most common types of fraud at large, attacking apps with the most frequency. These three fraud types account collectively for over 90% of fraud in the industry.
  4. Fraud is everywhere. Trusted traffic sources are no longer trusted.

With lots to learn and discover, Scalarr’s goal with this report is to arm marketers with not only the knowledge of what each fraud type entails but also with the insights to understand how fraudsters operate because ultimately, that’s what wins the war against fraud: knowledge and transparency.

Download the report today and stay on top of the latest trends in mobile ad fraud!