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True Machine Learning to protect app developers from
the app-install ad fraud

When it comes to the biggest mobile advertising landscape threat, Scalarr uses 2 layers of the next‑generation Machine Learning algorithms that detect all types of the mobile app-install fraud with dramatically improved accuracy up to 97%.

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Address the fraud issue with the deep analysis on a scale

Scalarr applies to both unsupervised and semi-supervised machine learning algorithms to automatically discover and learn fraud patterns from huge amount of data. It analyzes deeply hundreds of click, install and post-install events features and variables, thus reducing efficiently the number of false positive and false-negative errors.

Each app has its unique 'magic' numbers. Scalarr reveals them and applies to a personalized model and logic in data reconstruction and analysis. With interactive, advanced model view focused on the results accuracy and completeness, Scalarr gives you powerful solution to deliver more meaningful outputs on the level of each conversion.

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Our approach to integration is simple - you can choose, whether be integrated via customized postback or directly via your tracker. Skip the setup time, instead get up and run the solution in minutes.

Scalarr is a fully hosted solution, so you’ll never have to implement SDK, manage upgrades, or scale the capacity each time you need to increase it.

Focus on Accuracy

Identifies all types of app install
ad fraud, even the new and
modified patterns

Scalarr uncovers fraud attacks with 97% accuracy and completeness by identifying and validating the acute correlations across accounts together with the deep dive into each campaign data. Thus, it differentiates and marks various types of fraud, including mixes, and totally new fraud patterns.

Continuously Improved Engine

Considering huge amounts of
new data coming, Scalarr’s engine
constantly self-educates

With its unique self-learning engine, Scalarr helps mobile app developers to stay ahead of fraudsters without any need to update constantly the heuristic rules, as they modify attack techniques. Considering individual metrics and new data, Scalarr produces new features in order to reduce errors.

About us

We see our mission in changing fundamentally the ecosystem of mobile advertising by putting at first place—transparency, openness and honesty—as the basic rules, which govern it.

Through combined efforts of the best specialists in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Mobile Advertising we are aiming to build the most accurate and reliable solution for detecting fraud using the latest technologies.

Power your user acquisition with Machine Learning to prevent the mobile ad fraud before damage is done

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