Scalarr and mParticle cooperate to provide accurate fraud detection
Clients using Scalarr and mParticle can enrich existing data with valuable data points from first-, second-, and third-party sources, further increasing the accuracy and completeness of fraud detection

Scalarr, a technology advanced anti-fraud solution for mobile app developers, and mParticle, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) of choice for multi-channel consumer brands, are pleased to announce the start of a partnership.

Clients using Scalarr and mParticle can enrich existing data with valuable data points from first-, second-, and third-party sources to gain a better understanding of how, when, and where customers are engaging with their digital properties, further increasing the accuracy and completeness of fraud detection. Through this integration, Scalarr and mParticle are looking to combat sophisticated types of fraud, like smart bots, device farms, and mixes, which are typically difficult to detect and require substantial analysis.

"We're always looking for new ways to improve our solution and provide our customers with maximum protection," said Inna Ushakova, President and CEO at Scalarr. "This integration enables us to work with any advertiser who is integrated with mParticle and utilize them as their data aggregator. It empowers advertisers to stay away from advanced crime attacks and save their marketing budgets."

Once integrated, mParticle is able to forward install and usage events to Scalarr, which is then used to determine whether the install is real or fraudulent.

"In a high-speed environment, marketers need to be flexible and be able to adapt and optimize advertising campaigns quickly as well as stop fraudulent sources,” said Jake Dell’Aquila, Head of Partnerships at mParticle. "By connecting our customer data to Scalarr, we are excited to give marketers the most accurate fraud detection tool to make informed decisions."

The integration is now live and can be easily accessed through the mParticle console.

Ready to see how it all works? We’d love to show you! Get started with Scalarr and mParticle today.

About mParticle

mParticle is the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) for multi-channel consumer brands. Companies such as Airbnb, Burger King, NBCUniversal, Spotify and Starbucks use mParticle to create a unified, real-time customer data pipeline that enables them to win in key moments of the customer journey. Founded in 2013, mParticle is headquartered in New York City with offices in Delray Beach, London, San Francisco and Seattle. The mParticle platform manages more than 500 billion API calls monthly. To learn more, visit:

About Scalarr

Scalarr is a Machine Learning-based anti-fraud solution that analyses click, install and post-install data to detect all types of mobile ad fraud and prevent marketing losses. Powered by advanced Machine Learning and Big Data, Scalarr automates the investigation of more data than is possible for a human, continuously learning and generating a personal model of fraud identification for every mobile app, thus significantly increasing the accuracy of fraud detection.