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Looking Back at 2020 & Planning for 2021

Research: Risk of fraud in so-called "trusted" traffic sources

With data that spans January 2019 to August 2020, this report includes a detailed list of the app_ids with confirmed fraud and the potential harm this poses for the advertising indus...

Why is ad fraud detection a form of modern art?

Advertising in the Times of Covid-19

Covid-19 has radically changed the way the advertising industry operates and this report details the most significant changes.
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Why Mobile Advertisers Should Push For Machine Learning-Based Fraud Detection

The only solution for mobile advertisers is to partner with anti-fraud tools that make use of powerful and intelligent technologies such as machine...

Scalarr and the Future of Fraud Detection: Q&A with Scalarr Founders Inna Ushakova and Yuriy Yashunin

The road to Scalarr's foundation was paved with challenges and opportunities and in this in-depth conversation, you'll learn the story of Scalarr f...

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